Dock and Hoist Services

Dock and Hoist Services

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Dock and Hoist Services
Dock and Hoist Services
Dock and Hoist Services

Dock and Hoist Services

Clary Lake Service provides installation and removal of boat hoists, docks, and other lakeside items on Lake Okoboji and other area lakes. Installation and removal is mainly done by barge and crane.

Clary Lake Service operates four hoist barges for installation and removal of boat lifts and for facilitation and ease of dock installation. These barges are also used for shoreline maintenance and disaster recovery projects. We also operate three smaller dock barges for installation and removal of docks.

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Features and Components

Elevating your waterfront experience. Discover the unrivaled advantages of our tailored lakeside services

State of the Art Design

Every boat hoist and dock we manufacture is a testament to our dedication to precision. By marrying advanced technology with detailed craftsmanship, our products stand out for their durability and efficiency.

Tailored for Every Need

Recognizing that every boater has unique requirements, Clary Lake Service offers adaptable solutions. Whether it's a custom boat hoist size or specialized dock design, we're equipped to cater to every individual need.

Conscious Crafting

Passionate about preserving the beauty of the Iowa Great Lakes, we utilize environmentally responsible materials. Our docks and hoists not only last long but also reduce environmental impact.

Hassle Free Experiences

Our team of professionals ensures a smooth transition for your boating needs. From the initial setup to seasonal removals, Clary Lake Service ensures a quick, safe, and efficient process, letting boaters focus on the joy of the water

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We take the hassle out of docking with our expert installation and timely removal of docks and hoists, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable boating season from spring to fall. Our dedicated team is committed to providing an unmatched customer experience, keeping you on the water until it's time for fall removal. Experience the Clary advantage and let us elevate your boating season with our efficient and reliable services.