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Unlocking Possibilities through Precision Welding Fabrication

From concept to completion, we fuse innovation and skill to shape your visions into tangible, reliable creations.

Serving Northwest Iowa for over 40 years

Milford Welding & Manufacturing has been has been providing quality metal fabrication and welding services in Northwest Iowa for over 40 years! MWM provides the HIGHEST STANDARD OF QUALITY, custom-built handrailings, stairs, lofts, landings, balconies, metal privacy screens and enclosures, and signs. We install residential and commercial - interior or exterior designs.

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Milford Welding & Manufacturing has earned the reputation of unmatched customer service, with professional and qualified staff. Notably, we have been providing excellence in metal fabrication and construction for over 40 years.

While some of our services are regional in nature, we also provide productions for delivery anywhere in the U.S. From a simple weld repair to complex production jobs, we provide the quality and reliability to get the job done on time and on budget.

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Elevate Your Space with Premium Stairway Solutions

Optional railings are available to enhance the safety and comfort. Stairways are offered in a variety of materials from aluminum, steel, ipe, and Millboard in a plethora of colors and treatments all designed for your specific taste and architecture. Want to take it up a notch? How about adding some indirect lighting to show you the way! The sky is the limit on what we can design for you!

Milford Welding & Manufacturing designs, fabricates, builds, and installs custom stairs and stairways for any application including interior, exterior, and shoreline applications. Our stairs provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing transition from the dock to the shoreline or to the loft or game room.

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The platform on your dock has become a favorite outdoor living space to enjoy the water, sun, and family fun! Let Milford Welding and Manufacturing design and build a safer way to navigate to your dock.

Shorelines can be very hazardous with obstacles ranging from boulders, trees, steep inclines, and landscapes. We pride ourselves in creating safer designs incorporating handrailings, lighting, and landings to ease your way to the water!

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a set of stairs leading up to a house
a set of stairs leading up to a house
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Are you ready to take your exterior stairway to the next level? Exterior stairways offer great options for ease of entry and egress. Landings are often utilized to give you a resting feature and incorporated into the existing terrain.

Tread designs for slip resistance, rise and run heights and distance are all factored into the designs that we create. Safety needs, environment, existing terrain and surroundings are all factors taken into account when creating an outdoor stairway for you. Let Milford Welding and Manufacturing design your outdoor stairway today!

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a set of stairs leading up to a house
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a set of stairs leading up to a red truck
a set of stairs leading up to a house
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Enhance Safety and Style with Our Stunning Railing Products

Handrailings are not only for safety and convenience but also play an important role architecturally in the look of your project. The team at Milford Welding and Manufacturing can provide structure and support to your overall design. We pride ourselves in taking the guesswork out of the equation for your specific project.

There are many factors that go into the design of a new handrailing including safety, support, terrain, and line of sight and continuity with the rest of the surroundings. Options in the field of low voltage lighting can also be incorporated into the design process to create safe passage and an inviting feel.

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Cable railings are a great alternative to traditional railings and are traditionally built with metal newell posts and stainless steel cables offering you low maintenance. Let Milford Welding and Manufacturing design you a railing providing unobstructed views to your surroundings while offering a contemporary or modern design that assures a safety measure to fit existing local building codes.

The growing popularity of cable railings make them a great choice for those looking to be “trendy” without compromising the view. Our cable railings are sleek and sturdy and can be powder coated to fit your scheme.

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The appeal of steel railing is the fact that they provide solid, safe, and low maintenance features. Horizontal, ornamental, or vertical infills offer a multitude of designs. Powder coated steel creates longevity in every imaginable color and texture known to exist. Optional drop in glass baluster infills are a great way to provide unobstructed views. Let us incorporate LED lighting into the railing design to offer a safe and calming ambience to your environment!


Decorative railings provide a great enhancement to your architectural style of property. A multitude of styles ranging from modern, contemporary, mid-century modern, American craftsman, gothic, Greek revival, art deco, and neo classical can be used for form, function, and beauty to your surroundings. Let us collaborate with you to create and complete your vision! We can incorporate a decorative gate into the railing project, to secure stairs or allow access to the loft in your man cave.

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Elevate Comfort and Privacy with Our Stylish Enclosures

Our custom fabricated enclosures and screens are available in a wide range of patterns, sizes, and colors. Our enclosures and screens offer privacy, weather protection, and are utilized to hide utilities such as air conditioning units, generators, and/or gas meters. Do you desire more convertibility in a screen?

How about a design with sliding partition panels? Do you have a specific hobby or sports team that you follow? Milford Welding and Manufacturing can custom design your enclosure or screen to fit those needs. Our fabrication facility and dedicated team can turn your ideas into reality! Make plans to visit us today and see first hand our commitment to quality and customer service!

Showcasing Our Recent Welding Projects

Discover the culmination of skill, innovation, and metal mastery in our recent welding projects.

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